Syrups & Dry Syrups

We also hold expertise in the manufacturing of Dry Powder Syrups. These are very useful in meeting the successful treatment needs of various ailments. These syrups can be orally consumed and are clinically tested so as to ensure these have no side effects. These dry syrups are processed by making use of supreme quality ingredients. Further, to ensure that accurate amount of ingredients is used in the processing of offered dry syrups, we use latest technology and take assistance of professionals. In addition to this, while carrying out the processing process of these dry syrups, we keep in mind the universally laid quality norms. Packaging details are listed below.

1. Plastic bottle with induction seal

2. Glass bottle

Dry Syrup Manufacturing


As per BMR requirement granulation drying or sieving shall be done. Before starting the activity, the PDN/QA executive carries out the required line clearance checks. If it meets the specified line clearance criteria, processing will start in accordance with the batch manufacturing record of each product. When the processing is completed, as specified in the BMR, samples are drawn and tested for compliance with specification by quality control.


Before blending the PDN/QA executive carries out the required line clearance checks. During blending the temperature/ humidity of the area is monitored and recorded as per BMR requirements. During blending, In process samples are taken by QA and checked by QC as per required specifications. All details are recorded in the BMR.

Filling and Capping

Before filling and capping PDN/QA executives carries out the required line clearance checks. Only after line clearance filling shall be started. In process checks are done by QA. Details shall be recorded in BMR.

Labeling and Packaging

Only after line clearance, the labeling and packing activity starts. The over coding details on labels and cartons are counter checked by QA. After labeling and packaging all packing materials issued and used are reconciled in the BMR. The final packed samples are collected and subjected to finished products analysis.

Transfer to Finished Goods Stores

After labeling and packing activity is completed all the packed goods are appropriately labeled and checked by production. Quality assurance personnel after counter checking, stamps and sings on the Finished goods transfer note, after which the goods are transferred to the finished goods stores.